Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kenkart 4d764a9b3a fix CSVWriter 11 months ago
  Kenkart e3e2316917 rework first person perspective 11 months ago
  Kenkart 380d22c7da fix logging csv 11 months ago
  Kenkart dbc5b26f9d implement logging csv 11 months ago
  Kenkart 0eb187d688 delete unused code 11 months ago
  Kenkart 627bed37d4 make all joints white at the end of visualization step 11 months ago
  Kenkart 4b4a53a797 fix touch steps and color feedback 11 months ago
  Kenkart 8efd2efb6f add StartStepPreview 11 months ago
  Kenkart 35f4c82dca implement color feedback 11 months ago
  Kenkart 57c5b2a09e destroy visualization step if it is touched 11 months ago
  Kenkart 14f5060746 delete TODOs 11 months ago
  Kenkart b0f4ae6cbc add wait for input between visualizations 1 year ago
  Kenkart 2be452b227 make steps joint not show if current and prev almost the same 1 year ago
  Kenkart 0bf225afab remove shadows and add new enum Perspective 1 year ago
  Kenkart 8900481b33 change color for Visualize() 1 year ago
  Kenkart 6b1ed9710f fix bone color 1 year ago
  Kenkart 8ba6a44d6a Update Main.unity 1 year ago
  Kenkart a37516ca96 fix room 1 year ago
  Kenkart 774c152c62 fix visualization demo move first 1 year ago
  Kenkart b5a2aa50a6 make visualization move first then steps 1 year ago
  Kenkart 719e2d4363 add multiple views 1 year ago
  Kenkart 4b1e2dd5a6 make body transparent and remove neck if first person view 1 year ago
  Kenkart ebc0a29c23 import iPoly3D/Server Room 1 year ago
  Kenkart 1e496fd7a5 rescale length 1 year ago
  Kenkart 14a867e229 Update ViveInput.cs 1 year ago
  Kenkart 7a1c7da05d fix scaling and make spinebase Vector3.Zero 1 year ago
  Kenkart be025c9bb9 Update BodySourceView.cs 1 year ago
  Kenkart 20e5f6590e add scaling to always make same length 1 year ago
  Kenkart 328b510a97 Update Main.unity 1 year ago
  Kenkart e751a274ff fix red color bone and first person perspective 1 year ago