Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexander Hendrich df71cdc8bc bugfix (field of view in radion not degree and not initialized while camera isn't started yet) 6 years ago
  Florian Mueller 0919ae584e intel bullshit 6 years ago
  Florian Mueller 631862650e one exception a day..." 6 years ago
  Florian Mueller eda03d2090 update to latest intel sdk. doesnt seem to make things better. fuck you intel. 6 years ago
  Florian Mueller 44df91dadb ...and catching AccessViolations 6 years ago
  Florian Mueller 0c20d30a53 make the watchdog bite harder 6 years ago
  Florian Mueller 0144c35e32 watchdog for the intel camera 6 years ago
  Florian Mueller 1268d82326 hacky solution for restarting after the intel camera crashing 6 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich f22fd2def0 made finger detection (especially thumb) more stable 6 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich a88f6c997e parameter tuning 6 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich 1bce2c0fcd fixed palm detection for new camera 6 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich e80c037007 removed console window 6 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich 25275b8548 changed Intel Parameters to make Hand Detection work 6 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich 60d262adc0 new inputProvider (intel rs300) 6 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich b4f2e25ef9 -splitted TuioCommunicator (TuioCommunicator send normal TUIO data for gesture recogniction, TuioCommicatorHack sends button+palm-position) 7 years ago
  Jalal Khademi 194c84371a Cursor sends the number of button which is pressed through TUIO 7 years ago
  Jalal Khademi e87f7a09fb API development completed 7 years ago
  SLR_Kinect_PC 2db45bdd26 + angle of a TUIOobject now returns the depth at the current corner coordinate, but moved some distance nearer to the center 8 years ago
  SLR_Kinect_PC 2aaedcd561 bugfix 8 years ago
  SLR_Kinect_PC 8071843847 + added support for depth information in TUIOobject (it uses the angle parameter!) 8 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich 3cd9548a45 fixed crashed caused by missing trackIDs 8 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich 1273140830 styleCop changes 8 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich 8e289ad778 codemaid cleanup 8 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich 5a8c492255 fixed outputimage drawImage 8 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich d1a6fdd88e autoformat on all files 9 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich 29b014aec6 documented Parameters.FingerDetection 9 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich 0777512a6d documented Parameters.TouchEdetection 9 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich 933597d77e removed fingerStepSize 9 years ago
  Daniel Kauth 38b318e1c4 some more parameters documented 9 years ago
  Alexander Hendrich 6ce3bb216b Merge branch 'master' of 9 years ago