Commit History

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  Troppmann, Tom 1724fd572a Print and F_max update 3 years ago
  Rolf Egert e388d50866 small weight edits 3 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom 4dc7627a8d Changed Parameter of Topologie Objective Function 3 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom 97718916f1 Fixed a Bug that crashed the TopologieOptimizationEvaluation Function. 3 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom f5c0aaadec Updated AverageShortestPath to not consider Switches and Nodes 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom b81622f9e4 Added All Pairs (edge) s-t disjointPath Problem 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom 232507da02 Toggel Button 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom 38116aaf25 Merge branch 'updateInProgress' of 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom 21c0945fa6 Topologie working State 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom c7494a4246 Network + ObjectiveFuntion 4 years ago
  Rolf Egert f29ab51099 Merge branch 'updateInProgress' of into updateInProgress 4 years ago
  Rolf Egert b53b388ff1 small edit 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom debc06c4ea Merge 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom a7987dfc6b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/updateInProgress' into 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom a5049df684 Fitness Fix 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom 035416dc8f Topologies 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom 748ba72b42 Topologies 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom 0351412397 Deviation 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom ba7e7dd410 PsoAlgorithm for Topologie 4 years ago
  Troppmann, Tom 17139a9411 Aco Algorithm for Topologie 4 years ago
  Tom Troppmann 50cc0fc78b ResetState fix 4 years ago
  Tom Troppmann 757a28c3dd Topologie Algorithm in working condition 4 years ago
  Tom Troppmann 909b8a7a86 Fixing Bugs 4 years ago
  Tom Troppmann b6adbb4ce6 Improved Topologie 4 years ago
  Tom Troppmann 203e35690a Randomizer for Offering Flexibilities 4 years ago
  Tom Troppmann 73b15b502a Fix for old save files 4 years ago
  Tom Troppmann 2f4c0de014 Randomizer Feature 4 years ago
  Tom Troppmann 2571534f3a Randomizer Upgarde 4 years ago
  Tom Troppmann bf92cafde1 Fix for flexWindow. 4 years ago
  Tom Troppmann b86994fd92 Flex window update 4 years ago