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  Tom Troppmann 3b8df5edb0 Deleted Deprecated Classes and obsolete code solves 200+ Warnings. 1 year ago
  Tom Troppmann 12ba915481 GroupNodeCanvas Rename 3 years ago
  tk-NUC 85ca48f770 Adds Research Data 3 years ago
  Tom Troppmann d510cdc218 Adds Average Production/Consumption and gitignore irgonres tmp 3 years ago
  Tom 4723bfa34b Abspeichern 3 years ago
  Tom Troppmann fd8b4c0ad2 First ExampleAlgo: FitnessFunction (Without Doc) 4 years ago
  Andreas T. Meyer-Berg e14d1b7ae1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/LWR' into BP_master 5 years ago
  I. Dix 95ea1820e9 added NetBeans to gitignore 6 years ago
  I. Dix dfba7bc342 updated gitignore, removed unused files, updated gradle wrapper 6 years ago
  jess 70f02e992e Repositiory clean-up 6 years ago
  Jessey Widhalm 7b791399f3 closeable Tab example 6 years ago
  Jessey Widhalm 498cf5b5b7 removed bin again 6 years ago
  Teh-Hai Julian Zheng 6b87a79f38 blubbert 6 years ago
  Jessey Widhalm 78f4125624 completed project 6 years ago
  Jessey Widhalm 10b0af72aa gradle integration 6 years ago
  Jessey Widhalm 7927cb085f AddElement: "name missing" pop-up substituted with red mark 6 years ago
  Teh-Hai Julian Zheng 1c731f0e46 no message 6 years ago
  dominik.rieder a2ebe75b32 bugfixes 6 years ago