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  m-edlund 2bb3e58115 Userstory 13 & 17 (#8) 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 541bd6657c added folder for test input files and created simple svgs 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 1f0e044436 implemented ellipse sampling and deactivated path parsing for now 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler e50cdc5fa8 started implementing svg parsing: implemented rect, line, polyline, polygon parsing, created circle, ellipse stubs, begun implementation of path parsing 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler b8491bfe8f merged userstory12 into develop 5 years ago
  m-edlund 64ec1fe7a6 Userstory 7, 10 & 11 (#6) 5 years ago
  TiReischl 1612933d13 Merge pull request #5 from m-edlund/userstory6 5 years ago
  m-edlund fc390b9e16 Updated travis.yml 5 years ago
  m-edlund 41d8df2ac4 updated travis.yml 5 years ago
  m-edlund 9792269b36 Updated travis.yml 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 2df0f4e4da Further testing with travis 5 years ago
  m-edlund 188cd8942c Updated travis.yml 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 184f41c183 Updated file 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund de0ab374f1 Switched to NUnit testing 5 years ago
  m-edlund 47278b42f3 Updated travis.yml 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 0d90272bd5 Fixed Several Bugs, Deletion Feature so far complete. 5 years ago
  TiReischl 36e78faaee set previousCursorPosition 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 8fead4c731 Added another Unit Test for Line.cs 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 1859a7731c Fixed Errors with Deletion. 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund c136e41eb5 Added Testsuite and some unittests for Line.cs 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 4496edbd25 Implemented Bresenham Line Alg., added more bugs to fix later 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund b2e8e5d11d Implemented basic deletion feature, bugs remain 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 99715806c8 Finished Userstory 9 5 years ago
  m-edlund b3d8168a04 Merge pull request #3 from m-edlund/userstory4 5 years ago
  TiReischl ed91de48b9 Added userstory4 5 years ago
  TiReischl d674a518b7 remove pen 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 24c3cbc6b3 Cleaned up code, moved some functionality to their own functions 5 years ago
  TiReischl 75d35202a2 draw line with Line.cs Class 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 34a3c1b54d Cleanup preparing for Pull request 5 years ago
  TiReischl 34ef797adc try new function 5 years ago