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  Vincenz Mechler e9ad799202 added comments to FileImporter tests 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler c2b20ea890 finished basic tests for svg importer and added a .testsettings file 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler e24cc22479 added missing comments as requested by code review and added basic tests for error throwing behaviour of parseSVGInput method, although currently not working due to problems with deploying external files for testing 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 2ff4f32409 Merge branch 'develop' into userstory2 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund f754e5a215 Removed empty constructor 5 years ago
  m-edlund 7737c197f0 Userstory19 (#9) 5 years ago
  m-edlund 2bb3e58115 Userstory 13 & 17 (#8) 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler b8491bfe8f merged userstory12 into develop 5 years ago
  m-edlund 64ec1fe7a6 Userstory 7, 10 & 11 (#6) 5 years ago