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  videowall-pc-user 5314a6da53 Display first point of every line 4 years ago
  Martin Edlund 409577c008 commented out assert 4 years ago
  Martin Edlund 2b127c2b2c Fixed appveyor yml 4 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 0098967e2f fixed minor bugs in FileImporter 4 years ago
  Martin Edlund d5158d679d Added check for com5 4 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 4856b1bdaa added try catch to cpp project to hopefully handle not connected motors when trying to initialize 4 years ago
  videowall-pc-user 59ed1ad6c7 minor changes 4 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 7cd0ca0a0c made armband vibrate 4 years ago
  Martin Edlund (Laptop) 731bc1311e Merge branch 'develop' into userstory22 4 years ago
  m-edlund 4178ea6066 Deleted CustomCanvas 4 years ago
  m-edlund dc01cc6b94 Userstory20 (#17) 4 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 6e2b672b2c added basic vibrotactile feedback for surface simulation 4 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 02bb8cab48 completed StaticLibMotors dll (now representing a full interface to BodyActuator.dll), added documentation to staticLibMotors and added documentation to LocalArmbandInterface 4 years ago
  videowall-pc-user 7905509a6e removed parameters from actuate functions 4 years ago
  videowall-pc-user c70efe74f7 actuate works with 3 intensities: 100%, 66%, 33% 4 years ago
  Dennymany b1f1faf827 added function to delete existing armband 4 years ago
  Dennymany 9d3ad3a705 added actuate function 4 years ago
  Dennymany 02eaac3898 added actuate funtction to dll 4 years ago
  m-edlund f4674b5efd Userstory13 (#16) 4 years ago
  m-edlund aee756b8f8 Hotfix (#15) 4 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 2845142baf fixed error and changed SketchAssistantWPF Debug compile setting to 32bit, due to the BodyActuator.dll being a 32bit dll the program will no longer work when compiled in 64bit 4 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 664d278828 dll export now produces prudent dll file, dll import causes VS to terminate program without error message 4 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler a2347a615c forgot to add new files... 4 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler e33b329217 tried some stuff, now StaticLibMotors wont compile because of linkage errors, but at least it tries to link at all... 4 years ago
  Dennymany 17b9e59ba2 implemented ArmbandInterface 4 years ago
  videowall-pc-user d19dee5f0f added ArmbandInterface Klasse 4 years ago
  videowall-pc-user a78e2c9468 started implementing armbandinterface 4 years ago
  Dennis Grotz bc47f74801 added motor folder 4 years ago
  Dennis Grotz 4af5d45062 added dlls again 4 years ago
  m-edlund e93039223e Userstory8 (#14) 4 years ago