Commit History

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  Vincenz Mechler 23ac7af994 excluded svg parsing tests from AppVeyor execution as they depend on filesystem access and the [DeploymentItem] attribute 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 9e858f3e38 moved FileImporter test class to UITest.cs, adapted relative file paths 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler fb30fd704e merged develop into userstory2 in preperation for backward merging 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler e9ad799202 added comments to FileImporter tests 5 years ago
  chooga e6f3cbdba9 Update 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 9988b5b6e0 Optimized InternalLine 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler c2b20ea890 finished basic tests for svg importer and added a .testsettings file 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 46a6fe9e8e Hotfix + Cleaned up Project Folder 5 years ago
  m-edlund 28eaf0e7d2 Userstory16 (#11) 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler e24cc22479 added missing comments as requested by code review and added basic tests for error throwing behaviour of parseSVGInput method, although currently not working due to problems with deploying external files for testing 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund 2ff4f32409 Merge branch 'develop' into userstory2 5 years ago
  Martin Edlund f754e5a215 Removed empty constructor 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 45f8924dc4 removed dead code, mainly deactivated console prints, removed empty lines inside methods and fixed method naming scheme to always start with uppercase letter 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 2fe93d8927 cleanup and added error for unterminated svg files 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler ae6c32073e fixed elliptical arc coordinate mismatch bug 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 1302db3636 fixed elliptical arc rotation bug 5 years ago
  m-edlund 7737c197f0 Userstory19 (#9) 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 7ade1eb4d2 fixed a few bugs 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 1f90174628 implemented path data normalization, fixed a bug when parsing closepath path elements 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 10d9bc9959 implemented svg path parsing (except for ellipse path elements (A and a)) 5 years ago
  m-edlund 2bb3e58115 Userstory 13 & 17 (#8) 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 541bd6657c added folder for test input files and created simple svgs 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler 1f0e044436 implemented ellipse sampling and deactivated path parsing for now 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler e50cdc5fa8 started implementing svg parsing: implemented rect, line, polyline, polygon parsing, created circle, ellipse stubs, begun implementation of path parsing 5 years ago
  Vincenz Mechler b8491bfe8f merged userstory12 into develop 5 years ago
  m-edlund 64ec1fe7a6 Userstory 7, 10 & 11 (#6) 5 years ago
  TiReischl 1612933d13 Merge pull request #5 from m-edlund/userstory6 5 years ago
  m-edlund fc390b9e16 Updated travis.yml 5 years ago
  m-edlund 41d8df2ac4 updated travis.yml 5 years ago
  m-edlund 9792269b36 Updated travis.yml 5 years ago