Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jens Keim 92d68f7855 add --debug parameter to build script 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 869fbe66f4 add user specified interval length 6 years ago
  Jens Keim 1fa1233925 add wheel pip package installation to build script 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 5266494659 Fixed compatibility with relative paths 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt c43c35bda5 Added MemcrashedSpooferAttack to the memory profiler list 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt c78eb500f3 Buildscript: Exit if venv creation failed 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 04eb1a725b Buildscript: Don't do a full rebuild unless requested 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt a1e9b6baa5 Use a Python3 venv for pip packages 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 8134a2d3eb Use bash for the run-scripts as preparation for the venv 6 years ago
  dustin.born 82787eabe1 Merge of botnet membership management communication attack and core ID2T. 6 years ago
  Carlos Garcia ed3fa8969d Merge branch 'ninja' of into master 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 776aa78c22 Don't print coverage when running single test 6 years ago
  Carlos Garcia cd077b4b1c Merge branch 'beautify_SKIP_CI' of into master 6 years ago
  Carlos Garcia 08cfb18db0 Merge branch 'clear_cache_on_test_SKIP_CI' of into master 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 6f4e445f76 Added support for Ninja for even faster builds 6 years ago
  Jens Keim 4e3e155d41 add plot directory for memory profiling 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 58439640a9 Regenerate statistics DB before running tests 6 years ago
  Jens Keim 89d769f305 add memory profiling to efficiency script 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt e28d94fd52 Enabled parallel make 6 years ago
  dustin.born 85b6be0436 Adjust copying of in build script 6 years ago
  dustin.born a6c6cffccb Add building the communication processor to the build scripts(s) 6 years ago
  Jens Keim d52c6637dd fix potential compatibility issues 6 years ago
  Jens Keim 2a07010d96 add efficiency script 6 years ago
  Jens Keim 7c5a53aee5 refactor Unittests 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 54961ad231 Moved html output directory, reduced amount of text when testing 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 12cd9c17a3 add scripts to run tests 6 years ago
  Carlos Garcia ffc0fcd3f1 Merge branch 'dependency-installer-upstream' of into master 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 92d12016d8 Implemented a dependency-checking and installation script for Arch Linux, Ubuntu and macOS 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 9cd1a39707 Syntax fix for non-bash shells 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 1b2a300f50 Fix: Building and running on macOS 6 years ago