Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jens Keim 4b6e575608 change id2t_result dir name lower case 5 years ago
  Jens Keim fff2bccfd1 fix plotting crash 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 66e4ed675b add generic interval statistic output 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 22f0ca71b4 clean formating 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 16d3b09f87 remove debug output 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 512262a99a fix --inject-empty functionality 5 years ago
  Jens Keim d53c03a3f6 fix unrecognized pdu share calculation 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 44b5d056d1 fix plot_interval_ip_cum_ent to work with new interval statistics table 5 years ago
  Jens Keim db1ac62882 add interval statistics to export 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 02ddfcce77 update internal calculations for new current and default handling 5 years ago
  Jens Keim c4ffcef9cb fix default interval statistics handling 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 27dad1d4cf update cli output for interval statistics 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 79d7fb06e6 fix -si argument, now usable without -r 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 48162f8dab add --list-intervals paramter 5 years ago
  Jens Keim a179903405 add pretty interval_tables output for user prompt 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 869fbe66f4 add user specified interval length 6 years ago
  Jens Keim 3e366b3b89 update requirements versions 5 years ago
  Jens Keim 59cc3be1cd Merge branch 'cpp_warnings' of into master 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 564eb657dd Fixed format string truncation warning in statistics.cpp 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 8ebd777723 Fixed comparison warning in botnet_comm_processor.cpp 6 years ago
  Jens Keim 8d752f372c Merge branch 'utc_timestamps' of into master 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 4f6d449798 Fixed SMB2 "SystemTime" timestamp and test 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 5f15213117 Made ID2T use UTC for timestamps to fix timezone-related problems 6 years ago
  Jens Keim 1fa1233925 add wheel pip package installation to build script 6 years ago
  Jens Keim 6e14fdd6dd fix Ubuntu dependency installation 6 years ago
  Carlos Garcia 0e838d296d Merge branch 'nmap_services_path_fix' of into master 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 434e1c2175 Increased DB_VERSION, since the path fix can influence db contents 6 years ago
  Stefan Schmidt 1464229c6d Fixed ID2T not finding nmap-services-tcp.csv by passing through the resource path 6 years ago
  Jens Keim beace3cc4b fix removed import 6 years ago
  Jens Keim b7532a0651 Merge branch 'cairo_plotting' of into plot_runtime_fix 6 years ago