hostage_sync_uml_desc.txt 794 B

  1. title Synchronisation Protocol
  2. DeviceA->+DeviceB: Send Sync Info
  3. note right of DeviceB: The Sync Info is a tuple (otherDevices, ssids) where\notherDevices ∈ ℘(DeviceIds x ℕ)\nand ssids ∈ ℘(NetworkSSIDs)
  4. DeviceB->-DeviceA: Send Sync Info
  5. note right of DeviceB: Compare own Sync Info with the other\nSync Info to create a Sync Data object.
  6. note over DeviceA,DeviceB: If we received unknown Device Ids create new Sync Devices.\nSet the max sync id for each new device to 0.
  7. DeviceA->+DeviceB: Send Sync Data
  8. note right of DeviceB: Sync Data is a tuple (n , a) where\nn ∈ ℘(NetworkRecords) and a ∈ ℘(AttackRecords)
  9. DeviceB->-DeviceA: Send Sync Data
  10. note over DeviceA,DeviceB: Save received network and attack records.\nActualise the max sync id if of all Sync Devices.