Commit History

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  Lars Pandikow 18daa77da8 Rewrote Synchronization between Devices: 8 years ago
  Wulf Pfeiffer b6225dbd8e Small NMB changes 9 years ago
  Wulf Pfeiffer 5323ed49ef -Added Ghost Protocol: working, but right now for static ip and port, 9 years ago
  Wulf Pfeiffer 971d2c8fbd SSH: completed. connection setup and terminal session working. 9 years ago
  Wulf Pfeiffer d739db5d46 SSH: add proper Signature, en-/decryption working, missing: terminal 9 years ago
  Wulf Pfeiffer b71bdd6fe8 Added certificate 9 years ago
  MiP 48fe399b6e Converted to android maven project 9 years ago
  qam 021e70771b Improved logging for TELNET and MySQL 9 years ago
  qam 586c99e318 Removed bin and gen folder 9 years ago
  mip-it a468c67df0 First steps... 9 years ago