Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexander Brakowski e1eacb4b7e added initial sync data structures 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski a6c13f7300 merge wifidirect changes 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 713777b7a7 WifiDirect connection and pairing is working. Just sending still not really working. 8 years ago
  Fabio Arnold e6bfb295d2 updated google play services version 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski e06375ee74 last bugs from merge fixed 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski f80bf8764d fixed merge conflicts 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski cb543bc5ca merged conflicts 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski ec2b93d28e moved ui2 to ui 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 749b0f33d3 moved ui2 to ui 8 years ago
  Julien Clauter e2e4868404 Compiles! 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski f153dbf73b test commit 8 years ago
  Shankar Karuppayah fed9280319 -Bugfix: Check for WiFi connectivity instead of general Internet connectivity 8 years ago
  Shankar Karuppayah c00ca401a0 -Added version information and email address 8 years ago
  Shankar Karuppayah 5f3fa71d77 -Bugfix: Limit to WiFi Internet (except ThreatMap) 8 years ago
  Shankar Karuppayah bdd47a320a -Bugfix: Ports maximum number was fixed to 65535 8 years ago
  Shankar Karuppayah 2b2d8e275c -added strings for addition of porthack automation (dialogs mainly) 8 years ago
  Shankar Karuppayah bf1e3d6cc1 -added automation of porthack 8 years ago
  Shankar Karuppayah fc7b955eaf -added version information on about fragment 8 years ago
  Shankar Karuppayah 3e36e6c299 -added version information on about fragment 8 years ago
  Shankar Karuppayah 4666aaa5eb -Automated Portbinder installation 8 years ago
  shankar.karuppayah 49eb26459a -Added user feedback when first time turning on applications and portbinder missing. 8 years ago
  shankar.karuppayah 80d6197de7 --Temporarily fixedbug of 3g-networks 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow 66b19427a8 Merged rc - branch and small clean up 9 years ago
  Wulf Pfeiffer a35544628a SSH finally fixed 9 years ago
  Wulf Pfeiffer 727d13e1c4 SMB ECHO Timeout fixed 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow 9f3612b8ec Merge branch 'master' of 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow c1fd1203e3 Updated ThreatMap, that it doesn't seperate attacks and portscans 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow 89e24464c0 Merged some views from hostagev2_rc branch 9 years ago
  Wulf Pfeiffer 441785ce3d SSH fixed 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow 7b3cfc0503 small log fix 9 years ago