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  Daniel Lazar 42eb05ab9f added service fragment 10 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 1e56455f98 Switched to gradle. It requires gradle version 1.10+. Please before importing the project into android studio install the "google play services" and "google repository" through the android sdk manager, otherwise the the build of the project will fail. 10 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski d58b7ee1e2 removed unneccassary files 10 years ago
  alexander.brakowski abb36dfd9f The project should now be android studio ready. 10 years ago
  MiP 48fe399b6e Converted to android maven project 10 years ago
  mip-it 175ab5b7a5 porthack implemented 10 years ago
  mip-it 725d9a8ae9 small changes 11 years ago
  mip-it a468c67df0 First steps... 11 years ago