Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexander Brakowski 9f0bf27ffe Fixed strange activity bug. 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 18f1aca3ac finished translating and changed version number 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 49e08e662c Fixed up navigation in the wifi direct activity 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski c080ff281a Fixed an bug that caused an crash, when deleting all entries in an filtered group view 8 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 09297a5968 use google maps debug api key 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski ac05133325 Added background synchronization with android sync framework. Added country-list retrieval from the tracing API. 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski ecdf710ab4 new wifidirect ui will now be loaded on wifidirect sync 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 4383433779 improved bluetooth sync UI and fixed some sync bugs 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski e1eacb4b7e added initial sync data structures 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 713777b7a7 WifiDirect connection and pairing is working. Just sending still not really working. 8 years ago
  Shankar Karuppayah fed9280319 -Bugfix: Check for WiFi connectivity instead of general Internet connectivity 9 years ago
  shankar.karuppayah 80d6197de7 --Temporarily fixedbug of 3g-networks 9 years ago
  Shankar Karuppayah 52de12e826 BugFix: 9 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 9637ea7f3c changed default api key for google maps 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 67ea09bf83 release api key for google map 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 179924fbd4 preperations for release build and cleanup 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 9e60f5517a preparing for signing 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold b62408552f added google analytics 9 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski f94407c2cc fixed logexport intent service 9 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 4f236c8686 merged hostage v1 changes 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow 5e63295acd Portscan is logged corretly. 9 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 6248bc92a8 fixed conflicts that arose from the new database design 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow 31a62e004a Start correct ui 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow 745a674851 Updated portscan detection 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow 0a55c9a91e Deleted UglyDatabaseHelper 9 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 0bf5507578 fixed merge conflicts 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow 853609c78b Implemented TracingSyncActivity 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow 62721d6d6b Quick Fix for Synchronization 9 years ago
  Lars Pandikow 18daa77da8 Rewrote Synchronization between Devices: 9 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 08837fea5a added permission to Manifest 9 years ago