Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Alexander Brakowski 9f0bf27ffe Fixed strange activity bug. 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 5bab416498 Regression bugs from last commit :) 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski f68d70c5a0 solved merge conflict 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 190c4093da Added interval preference 8 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 30c9bce694 exposed hostage account sync frequency in preferences 8 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 621f18fe6a about screen: update german translation 8 years ago
  Fabio Arnold d8101f2930 capitalize current connection translation 8 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 8d9b420be4 merge 8 years ago
  Fabio Arnold ac96f93f5f some more translation work 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 109145f79f Deactivated date filter for synchronization, since it does not make too much sense 8 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski cbcb121484 fixed synchronization with tracing 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar b744315b2c Merge branch 'master' of 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar a2159e15d7 added comments, changed CIFS to SMB, added a delete function for cache dir 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 4c95529fc9 solved merge conflicts 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 3344e71f68 changed cifs config and added more folders 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 0071c52e4c reimplemeted the bugfix from fabio for redirect ports 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar f25139dc2b solved merge conflicts 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 4191fca469 newest lib version 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 244d4b1c79 deleted old driver 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 80b2f867ab Merge branch 'feature_jlan_cifs' of into feature_jlan_cifs 8 years ago
  Julien Clauter 5391edab8c filter sync data for country from tracing 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar f137b5eaa5 added the new FileDiskDriver 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 365680c4bd solved merge conflicts 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 3ea0a5b54c handeling events and logging attacks, included file writting 8 years ago
  Julien Clauter a6ac12269c fixed naming 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 58aea4b99e File access works through the cache folder 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar 89570db919 now the host announcement uses the correct bcast address 8 years ago
  Daniel Lazar d792b704f9 further development of disk driver 8 years ago
  Fabio Arnold cdab7fc877 notify honeypot service about deleted records 8 years ago
  Fabio Arnold bee295a306 make use of translated resources for banner notifications 8 years ago