Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  MiP 8b36e01daa Logging-System überarbeitet und als IntentService implementiert. 9 years ago
  lp-tu d93638303b - NFC implemented (NFCSync Activity) but not integrated 9 years ago
  Wulf Pfeiffer 28ab077dad -Added a new Wrapper: Packet 9 years ago
  lp-tu eb81c91986 Added Bluetooth Synchronization 9 years ago
  MiP 48fe399b6e Converted to android maven project 9 years ago
  lp-tu 06f5cf1fdd Implemented: 9 years ago
  lp-tu 2292f0766f Fixed: Destroy bug when restarting service in same session. 9 years ago
  Lars d93b2416f9 Settings implemented(no use of settings) 9 years ago
  Lars 226b2200d0 Statistics/ViewLog added, MySQL protocol added 9 years ago
  mip-it f0e5118f5a network detection implemented 9 years ago
  mip-it a468c67df0 First steps... 9 years ago