Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  julien.clauter 67b93b0b18 Added sync docs; 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold d19d5d3334 record detail view: don't cancel scrolling when inner scroll view can't scrol 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 1ca161693f renamed DEFAULT log format to Plaintext 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 0ef39be0fb preferences update settings value after they've been edited 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 042b1bf3f0 live threat map 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold c352feeb76 more summaries for advanced settings 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 6201c14c09 first create portscan logs then inform the ui about the attack 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold a9562812f3 home fragment: always show attack count when connected 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 0e2f5fe34e more meaningful name for attack count method 9 years ago
  julien.clauter 046ed01f0f do not collapse table sections in record overview if reloaded 9 years ago
  julien.clauter 7bca59ef94 fixed delete attacks 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold d7a63e49c6 merge 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold f67a653af7 threatmap fix null pointer exception when no play services are installed 9 years ago
  julien.clauter 9b97199ab1 reoad record overview if hostage recognized an attack 9 years ago
  julien.clauter 1ba43403c2 Merge branch 'master' of 9 years ago
  julien.clauter f6dd234568 fixed deleting attacks 9 years ago
  julien.clauter 248c2c478a delete button in record overview 9 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 1376c7406d Merge branch 'master' of 9 years ago
  Alexander Brakowski 0e23f889c9 ... 9 years ago
  julien.clauter 249a2acf0a fixed delete attacks by filter query 9 years ago
  julien.clauter abf985e762 Merge branch 'master' of 9 years ago
  julien.clauter dde437ea0d delete just packetentries and attackentries 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 44b7fad503 deletion icons 9 years ago
  julien.clauter 9f7abb18e3 show delete dialog. 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold f6097250a5 merge 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold 6e38fa5039 fixed wrong packing of ip address due signed unsigned issue 9 years ago
  julien.clauter a4ba075e2a delete filtered attacks dialog in recordoverview implementation 9 years ago
  julien.clauter 214d65495b Merge branch 'master' of 9 years ago
  julien.clauter 9fe3ac57d6 delete attacks by filter 9 years ago
  Fabio Arnold e715dc8b5b threatmap now tracks your movement 9 years ago